Centre for Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Studies (TEAMS)

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Welcome to the Centre for Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Studies (TEAMS).
We facilitate inter-professional, cross-agency and academic research and teaching to further the international  efforts of eradicating modern slavery and trafficking in human beings and realizing gender equality and empowerment. If history has demonstrated anything, it is that slavery was never eradicated, but merely changed its format. Changes to the law alone cannot effectively tackle Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation, which continue to be found across every society, and thus, require a holistic approach in order to address the associated complexities.

Our Vision & Mission

A world in which the fundamental human rights of all people are respected with dignity and worth, and in which no human being is used as a commodity or product.
Our mission is to create and share knowledge of and solutions for tackling Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery globally, while promoting justice, dignity, and well-being for all.
Our Objectives
To foster and develop postgraduate education in specialised areas
To actively undertake and publish transparent and world-leading research that is theoretically framed and practically relevant
To engage in outreach activities and educate the general public
To promote human rights and gender equality in national and international social and legal norms and practice
To liaise with key stakeholders and decision makers
...to ensure that our vision will one day become reality!

Our Strategic Focus

Advancing and Empowering

We understand that Trafficking in Persons, Exploitation and Slavery is a by-product of wider global inequalities, and seek to, thus, focus on advancement and empowerment of vulnerable groups as a preventive tool.

Providing an accessible, online resource centre

Our online resource centre provides accessible, current information and research that will increase awareness of the complex problem of Trafficking in Persons, Exploitation and Slavery


We recognise that partnering with civil society and non-profit organizations, academic institutions, government agents and businesses is vital to build resilience against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.

Educating through the power of research

We are committed to supporting rigorous research to inform national and international stakeholders and to developing solutions to combat Human trafficking and Transnational Organised Crimes.