The Hume Institute for Postgraduate Studies (Hume) is a higher education institution based in the Canton of Vaud, Lausanne, Switzerland.  Hume recognises that there is one characteristic shared by all prominent educational institutions and that is a commitment to excellence. For that reason, Hume has been founded to foster a commitment to world-class learning and research in the landscape of 21st Century global education. 
By harnessing the opportunities of online and digital delivery, amongst other modes of learning, Hume will create a new landscape which brings many advantages and exciting prospects to the world of academia.  This in turn brings scholars and students closer together so that knowledge can be more easily shared and students can achieve their full potential.
Lausanne is, amongst other things, renowned for its excellent education, healthcare systems and outstanding infrastructure.  Hume will benefit from the fact that the Canton of Vaud is a leading European hub for technology and innovation.  Switzerland’s success has been attributed to the synergy of industry and academia which has fostered a mutual development of knowledge and technology.
Hume is committed to providing contemporary teaching at a postgraduate level with the added value of global learning through the Swiss experience.  To further its global profile, Hume has forged a strategic partnership with the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom.  Also, Hume realises that the job market and future of work has witnessed a paradigm shift, as a result Hume will provide continuous education through executive courses and training programmes for those who would like to reskill and upskill.