Welcome to the Centre for Indonesian Studies (CIS)
Indonesia is one of the most important states in the world, judged by any credible metric. However, presently there is a lack of a commensurate focus on the Southeast Asian giant by analysts and researchers. The goal of the Centre for Indonesian Studies (CIS) at Hume Institute Lausanne is to contribute to rectifying this lacuna. The CIS will in due course produce its own analysis and research. At the same time, it will act as a commissioning think-tank. In other words, the CIS will partner with Indonesian and international centres and scholars to create synergies for dialogue and collaboration. In this way, the CIS will work with relevant scholars and analysts to obtain specific and tailored insight, unlike traditional research centres where in-house analysts who may or may not be experts offer their thoughts. The CIS is a non-political think-tank. Rather, the CIS aims to boost understanding and awareness of Indonesia as a global power in European and other international capitals and to find openings where research, policy, or trade and business initiatives can mutually prosper. Lastly but equally importantly, the CIS leverages decades of institutional experience among its team to deliver specific, adapted, and custom-built training and education courses meeting the needs of governmental, commercial, and academic audiences.


  • A state of pivotal importance in Southeast Asia and further afield.
  • A large and diverse state, there remain many areas worth exploring to improve international understanding of the regional giant.
  • As a state growing and diversifying its focus at an ever-quicker pace, the time is ripe to engage with local actors to transfer best practice and policy approaches to the Indonesian context, and to reflect on Indonesia’s own approaches and what others in the west and elsewhere can learn.
  • In a region coming to terms with China’s expanding influence, Indonesia’s quietist, engaging, and multilateral approach needs further examination and support as a fruitful and win-win approach.


The CIS is a strategic studies centre emphasizing engagement and knowledge exchange based at the Hume Institute Lausanne whose goal is to focus research on the state of Indonesia as a critical but comparatively under-researched world power.
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