Water Scarcity Challenges in the Middle East

Live Webinar: Thursday 5th May 2022 from 5pm BST

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Water Scarcity Challenges in the Middle East 

Thursday 5th May 2022 5pm BST

About the contributor
Dr Hazim K. El-Naser

Former Minister of Water and Irrigation and Minister of Agriculture Former Member of the Jordanian Parliament Chairman and Founder of the Middle East Water Forum. 

During his career in the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation over the years (1991-2001 and 2013-2018), he worked on several important and strategic water studies and projects internally and regionally, which played a major role in alleviating water crisis in a country considered as the water poorest country in the world. 

In his time through many ministerial positions, particularly water, irrigation, and agriculture during the years (2001- 2005) and (2013-2018), he also worked on the development of water and agriculture strategies, various policies and investment programs for many years to come with the aim of increasing water availability, protection of resources and water security for water and agricultural sectors.


Many water, sanitation and irrigation projects were implemented during his course as Minister more than US$ 5 billion. Several water agreements were signed with neighbouring countries regarding shared water and how to protect such resources for all users. 


He managed during his tenure as Minister of Water in Jordan, two major water crises: the Iraqi refugees’ crisis in 2002-2003, and the Syrian crisis in 2013, without major water problems. In 2005-2013, he served as a consultant to the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the United Nations in the field of water and the environment. Served as chairman of several engineering and industrial companies in Jordan and Germany. 


In 2007, he was elected to the Jordanian Parliament and served during that period as a part-time lecturer at the University of Jordan and the Jordanian-German University. During the period 2005-2007 worked with the Iraqi government to develop long term water and sanitation strategy.


He has published more than 65 papers in international scientific journals in the field of water resources management, environment, and irrigated agriculture. In 2009 Published a book “Scarce Water Management: A Middle Eastern Experience”, London, UK. Published more than 20 technical articles on Arab and Middle Eastern waters, particularly transboundary waters such as the Euphrates basins, Tigris, the Nile River, the Jordan River and groundwater, through the Middle East Water Forum platform publications.

About the webinar

The Middle East (ME) region being one of the scarcest areas in the world, facing unprecedented multisectoral pressures to its water resources sustainability due to increasing demand, inefficient water uses, COVID-19 pandemic, poor water governance, climate change, over pumping groundwater resources, influx of refugees and transboundary issues. 

As a result, countries struggling with water shortages to achieve the desired minimal level of WASH services.  The Middle East Water Forum (MEWF) The Middle East Water Forum (MEWF) is a pioneer platform with regional perspective on raising public awareness and enhancing management of water challenges in the Middle East by adopting effectiveness, efficiency, integration, and sustainability through exchange of data, expertise, and innovative technologies without the need to cross political borders. Its mission is to promote best practices for cooperation and exchange of knowledge among various parties and stakeholders involved in water issues and actions through an online forum that ensures the impartial and transparent dissemination of information towards sustainable water security in the ME and Arab region and preparing future water leaders for the region. 

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