From Tragedy to Legislative Changes

Live Webinar: 13th June 2023 @ 5pm BST

Online Webinar

From Tragedy to Legislative Changes

Tuesday 13th June 2023
5pm BST

Speaker: Mrs Figen Murray

Martyn's Law

Figen Murray, mother of Manchester Arena bombing victim Martyn Hett, is working with Survivors Against Terror and former Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth to push for Martyn’s Law to become legislation. The proposed law would require venues to provide staff with counter-terrorism training, carry out risk assessments, mitigate identified risks, and have a counter-terrorism action plan. Local authorities would also need to be prepared for an attack.
Figen was shocked to find that there are legal requirements for toilets and rules about the temperature of food served, but nothing about keeping people safe from terrorist attacks. While Martyn’s Law cannot stop all attacks, it aims to significantly reduce opportunities for
terrorists to target areas where people gather. The law does not seek to restrict people’s free movement but rather ensure that venues do everything possible to keep customers safe.
To read Figen’s full proposal for Martyn’s Law, click here

About the webinar

The Centre for Islamic Finance and the Centre for Contemporary Coronial Law at the University of Bolton in Association with the Hume Institute for Postgraduate Studies, Lausanne, are delighted to host a lecture entitled “From Tragedy to Legislative Changes” presented by Mrs Figen Murray.
Figen gives an emotional account of the personal impact the murder of her son had after he was killed alongside 21 others during the Manchester Arena Terrorist Attack. Figen also talks about discovering a gap in security  legislation and her subsequent campaign that initially started online and has now officially been given the green light to proceed with a draft legislation being presented in Spring this year. She is asking the government to make security at venues mandatory, something that is to date still a recommendation.
In addition, Figen visits schools and educates young people on the dangers of online radicalisation, how to recognise online terrorist recruiters, how to recognise signs of radicalisation and how to get support and help.