PhD in Management Studies

Hello and welcome to the Hume PhD in Management Studies. We look forward to welcoming you into our community on this programme.  We want to contribute!  We think that difficulty sometimes hides the greatest opportunity of progress. What links all the questions that we address is that they are relevant to today, they matter, lives are affected, and at Hume we will address them with engaged scholarship.
By definition, PhD candidates are talented and hard-working, they care and are passionate about their subject. At Hume, we want to bring our candidates to the challenges of today and to help them work with esteemed tutors, and advanced methods, to address questions that genuinely assist communities and society.  Along the way, we insist on constructive conversations, lively colloquia, appreciative peer support and robust critique. Let us work hard but also enjoy each other’s company.
Professor Jean-David Avenel is Professor Emeritus Université de Paris Est Créteil, Paris, France since 2020.  Professeur des universités, classe exceptionnelle 2 since 2019, Université de Paris Est Créteil ; in France, there are 4 categories of Professors in universities : professeurs 2è classe, professeurs 1è classe, professeurs classe exceptionnelle 1 et 2.  Diplomas – Doctorat 3è cycle, Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Economie d’entreprises et de branches.  Doctorat d’Etat Sciences de gestion, Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.  Doctorat d’Histoire, Université de Paris IV Sorbonne.  Professor Avenel is Dean of the School Administration et échanges internationaux, Université de Paris Est Créteil, 2014-2020 and President of the French Commission of Military History since March 2020.  Professor Avenel has published 20 books edited by Economica and Gualino Editors in Finance and Military History.
Management has emerged as a distinctive field of enquiry as The PhD in Management is for the development of new knowledge relevant to contemporary firms, public organizations and charities. The programme is designed to facilitate ambitious research of contemporary phenomena within or across the recognised sub-disciplines of Management including Employment, Ethics, Finance, Information Systems, Leadership, Marketing and Strategy. Applications relevant to Banking are encouraged. Across all of the programme, technological development, service-development, and team-working are all potentially embraced within the scope of the programme. There is the potential to develop critical study of management paradigms, quantitative analysis, design-based approaches or situated research using case study. Using a network of contacts in firms and government, the Programme will seek to facilitate opportunities for primary research as well as access to academic libraries for secondary research. We look forward very much to helping you fulfil your study objectives to the very best of our combined ability.
All applicants to Hume must satisfy one of the following conditions in order to be considered for an interview with a Programme Director or Tutor.
1. Masters degree from a recognised university, OR
2. Ten or more years’ experience in a related area of work, plus an undergraduate degree of high standing.
In addition, in all cases where a student has not previously completed a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) taught in English, it will be necessary to provide one of the following:
• IELTS – Overall score 6.5. No less than 6.0 in any section.
• TOEFL – Overall score 90 with minimum scores of 21 for writing, 21 for listening, 22 for reading and 23 for speaking.
• Pearson – 58 with no less than 55 in all communicative skills
Duration for the full-time programme is normally 3 -4 four years with a fee of £12,000 per year;
Duration for the part-time programme is normally 5 -6 years for a fee of £6,000 per year.