Mediation and Arbitration: The Case Study of Saudi Arabia

Live Webinar: 30th January 2023 @ 2pm GMT

Online Webinar

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Monday 30th January 2023
2pm GMT Online

Speaker: Dr Hamed Merah

About the webinar

The Centre for Islamic Finance at the University of Bolton would like to invite you to the webinar on Mediation and Arbitration: The Case Study of Saudi Arabia.
In the past, merchants travelling across different countries for trade relied on various courts to access justice and fairness regarding disputes. Disputes can be resolved through the courts, but increasingly other means are being used, including arbitration and mediation.
Arbitration differs from a trial in that the parties are not required to follow the rules of evidence, and in some cases, the arbitrator does not have to apply the governing law. On the other hand, mediation is a private and voluntary process where a neutral third party – the mediator – assists the parties through discussion to resolve their differences. The successful mediator needs to be open-minded, and in an increasingly global world, culturally aware and sensitive.
Dr Hamed Merah will present this webinar in which he will explain how mediation and arbitration are being used to create a safe environment for domestic and foreign investments using the case
study of Saudi Arabia.