Centre for Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Studies


Opening Webinar

Centre for Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Studies

Thursday 16th September 2021
@5pm – 6:30pm BST, Online


About the centre

Slavery, Trafficking and the Exploitation what it is tied to is a despicable violation of human dignity and rights, and a tragedy for the victims. There is global consensus that it is abhorrent and needs to be eradicated for the benefit of everyone. However, this abuse of people continues. The more research that is undertaken in this field, the more it becomes clear that this evil can not be tackled alone. Modern slavery is a malicious crime that exploits some of the most vulnerable human beings. Slavery can take many forms and affects all countries and societies, and victims are often hidden in plain sight.


The Centre for Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Studies (TEAMS) welcomes you to our opening webinar. The Centre aims to contribute to the growing body of organisations dedicated to the elimination of Modern Day Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation. As the title of this event indicates, the Centre, as all other organizations dedicated to the eradication of Modern Day Slavery, realizes that alone, our contributions are merely a drop seeking to extinguish a global wildfire. However, in the words of Ryunosuke Saturo “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an Ocean.”

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Registration is temporarily closed. Unfortunately, due to some of our speakers being affected by Covid, the Opening Webinar has been postponed until further notice! Please accept our apologies, and keep checking this page for further updates!

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